Bigg Boss 16 First Wild Card Entry Confirmed

24 Nov, 2022 07:58 IST|Sakshi Post

With each passing day, Bigg Boss 16 makers are making the show spicer and the house is filled with twists and turns. The contestants' equations have totally changed by last week’s Shalin and MC Stan fight. It is known that their fight has led to many other breakups and arguments. Yes, we are talking about Sumbul, Shalin, and Tina. Sumbul was blamed that she has feelings for Shalin by other contestants and her heart was broken. Bigg Boss made Sumbul talk with her father in the confession room where her father’s statements about Tina as set the internet on fire.

Now there is new promo trending on social media platforms about the wild card entry. In the promo, Bigg  Boss announced the first wild card entry. Fahmaan Khan enters the BB16 house as the first wild card entry. Sumbul is seen as surprised and happy. Fahmaan Khan tells Sumbul that he entered the house because she need him. Meanwhile, a section of the audience slams Bigg Boss for being partial to Sumbul and guiding her in the game. 

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