Tim Cook Writes to Indian Girl Who Developed iOS App

25 Sep, 2022 14:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Hana Muhammad Rafeeq, a nine-year-old Indian origin girl has received an appreciation reply from Google CEO Tim Cook for her achievement at a very young age. 

She developed iOS app software. When she was 8 years old, she developed software called ‘Hanas’ which allows parents to record bedtime stories in their voices and make their children listen to them anytime they want. 

Hana initially wrote a mail to Tim Cook explaining her software development and her achievements. In reply to that, Tim Cook said “Congratulations on all of your impressive achievements at such a young age. Keep at it and you will do amazing things in the future.”

Eight-year-old Hana got the thought of creating new software while watching a documentary on the importance of the parent-child relationship. “If the parents are busy with work, they can record the stories so that the children can listen to them before bed,” Hana told Gulf News.

According to the reports, she is an expert in all computer languages like Java, C, C++, Swift and SwiftUI. She can also speak English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam.

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